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Corridor Cast

Sep 27, 2019

Aaron Gekoski is an award-winning environmental photojournalist, filmmaker, and TV presenter specializing in human-animal conflict. In this episode, Clint sits down for an in-depth look at his travels, his work, and his passion for conservation. Check our Aaron's Work at

Aug 23, 2019

Self-reflection is an important and necessary part of personal development. In this episode, Niko, Jake, Clint, and Daniel "D" Kim from Node discuss how the things they thought in High School actually turned out to be, Niko's baby, Clint's Mario Kart Fails, and other things they learned along the way. Enjoy an...

Aug 9, 2019

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As the landscape of AI research continues to evolve, questions regarding creating life itself are asked. Also, the situation in Hong Kong is an important case-study of personal freedoms in the 21st...

Jun 21, 2019

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Our "Boston Dynamics" Robot Parody video brought up many questions regarding whether it was "fake".  In this episode, Sam, Niko, Wren, Clint, and Jake examine why this occurred, where content and deep fake technology is going next, the role of major...

May 24, 2019

After a month-long hiatus, the crew is back with a fresh slate of interesting topics for you to mull over with us.  Sam, Niko, Wren, and Jake discuss everything from an AI Superintelligence running a World-wide government, to NASA's new Moon strategy, to the intricacies of nuclear reactions and meltdowns.  A great...